What Do I Need to Know Before Applying for Credit Approval?

The financing piece of the vehicle purchasing process can be the most stressful and anxiety-inducing part. Some of this comes from the fact that many of our Shreveport, LA residents come into our dealership feeling like they don’t have enough information to make the decisions they are expected to make. Orr Kia of Boosier City, located at 3601 Benton Rd in Boosier City, LA, believes that an informed customer is a much happier customer and we are dedicated to an incredible customer experience at our dealership. We have compiled a few things that our finance center feels customers should know before they apply for credit approval.

Round Down Your Choices

Before any of our Stonewall, LA customers apply for credit, they should have narrowed their choices of possible vehicles. The reason for this is that you don’t want several dealerships pulling your credit over the course of several weeks. Before you apply for credit approval, you should have limited your choices to just a few vehicles at a couple dealers. Too many pulls of your credit report can lead to your credit score declining. If you are a Haughton, LA resident who has other financial goals after a new vehicle purchase, protecting your credit score is vital.

Know What is On Your Credit Report

Before you apply for credit, you should know what might appear on your credit report. If there are issues on your credit report and you can resolve them before you apply for credit, it could help our finance team get you a better rate and term. It could also ensure that you don’t get turned down for credit. Everyone is entitled to a free copy of their credit report every year and you can use this free copy to track down any possible issues and resolve them before they become an issue for you.

It would also be good for our Coushatta, LA, customers to have access to documentation like a valid driver’s license, a copy of a recent paystub, a utility bill, proof of insurance, and some references to help support their application.

Here for All Your Financing Needs

Orr Kia of Boosier City, in Boosier, LA, is a great resource for all your financing needs. Please feel free to contact our financing professionals, or come to the dealership, and take the first step in successfully financing your next vehicle.

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