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Leasing vs Buying

What are some advantages of leasing?

Our customers in Stonewall, LA often ask us about the benefits of leasing. It is growing in popularity and one of the reasons is that drivers can get a new vehicle at a low monthly payment.

One of the advantages of leasing a new vehicle over purchasing one is that your monthly payment will be much lower. You will also have a much shorter commitment to the vehicle.  Most lease agreements run two to four years. Most automotive loans run longer than that term. At the end of the lease agreement, you will be able to get a new vehicle with the latest technology and upgrades. You will also be under the manufacturer's warranty the entire time you are leasing the vehicle, unless you are in a high mileage lease. This means you won't be responsible for repairs.

What are some advantages to buying?

The reason some of our Shreveport, LA customers prefer buying over leasing is the fact that, at the end of their auto loan, they will have equity in their vehicle that they can use towards a new vehicle or towards something else if they sell the vehicle. Customers also like the fact that they don't have any mileage restrictions or damage worries when they purchase a vehicle.

Service Question

What kind of services do you offer?

Our service department is a well-trained, Kia-certified group that can handle any job, no matter the size or scope.  We can do everything from brake services to major transmission work. There are service coupons to save our loyal Haughton, LA customers money. Please feel free to browse the current offers to see if there is anything applicable for your needs.

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Finance Question

What kind of things impact my credit score?

One of the main things our Plane Dealing, LA customers can do to impact their credit score is make sure their bills are paid on time. They can also make sure to keep no balances, or low balances, on their credit cards. Customers should make sure they know what is on their credit report and take steps to resolve any negative items before they apply for credit.

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