Everything You Need to Know About Returning Your Leased Kia

Driving around Shreveport in your leased Kia the past few years has been wonderful, but you will need to get yourself ready for the day that you need to turn that vehicle back in. Even if you did not lease your Kia from Orr Kia of Bossier City, you can still return it to us. We will make the process easy for you and answer any questions about the process to set your mind at ease. If you have a few items prepared ahead of time, you will find the Kia lease return process straightforward and quick.

Get Ready for Your Complimentary Inspection

Be looking for a letter from Kia a few months before your lease is up.


Make an Inquiry

This will detail some instructions for you and offer you an inspection service that you will want to take advantage of. 
Orr Kia of Bossier City will send a technician to your home or office, even if it's located in Stonewall to inspect the vehicle. This should not take very long. Keep in mind that incidental wear and tear on the vehicle is to be expected. You will not be responsible for that.

However, you will need to fix any items that are out of the ordinary. This could include noticeable stains on the interior, cracked windshields, and worn down tires. These items will come out in the inspection, which will give you the time you need to make the repairs before the term of your lease officially expires.

Make Sure Necessary Repairs Are Made

After the inspection, you will have time to make the repairs that you need to have an easy lease return. You can either make these repairs on your own, have a third party mechanic make them for you, or just allow the dealership to do it. 

The choice is up to you, but you will want to have this taken care of prior to the lease expiring. If you have any outstanding repairs that need to be made, you will need to pay for those in your final bill. 

You can also request a second inspection if you have made some of the repairs on your own. If these are cleared, then they will be taken off the report for you.

Check Your Mileage

When you agreed to your Kia lease near Haughton, the contract would have stipulated a maximum number of miles that you can drive. Make sure that you check this a few months out so that you can be prepared. If you are close to the maximum, you might want to curtail your driving in those final months just to avoid paying a penalty. If you have gone way over the allowed amount, you may also consider buying the vehicle. That is a possibility as well.

Make an Appointment to Return Your Kia

You will want to make an appointment at Orr Kia of Bossier City when you are ready to return your leased Kia. Remember that it does not matter where you signed your original lease agreement. We can handle the Kia turn-in process for you. Make an appointment, and we will be ready for you when you arrive.

If you follow these few steps, drivers around Coushatta should find that the process to return your leased Kia in Bossier City is incredibly easy. While it may be bittersweet to no longer have this vehicle to drive around in, you do have options. When you visit Orr Kia of Bossier City, we can show you new lease specials that you can take advantage of. This will put you into another new Kia vehicle to drive home on the same day if you so desire.